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Fully Insured ยท Licensed in PA and NJ

bucks-county-general-contractor-custom-kitchensWhen it comes to a kitchen renovation, Mike Hutchinson delivers. His incredible eye for detail coupled with his encyclopedic-like knowledge of interior design periods makes him the perfect candidate for the most elaborate of custom kitchens in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Mercer County.

Mike doesn’t just design and install custom kitchens. He carefully thinks about your project and comes up with a mental list of any potential pitfalls with its components. For example, he won’t install a kitchen component in a location that could prevent an appliance from future repairs.

Thinking Ahead

Besides Mike’s incredible ability to construct a drop-dead gorgeous kitchen, he stands high above other contractors with his innate ability to logically think about any potential scenarios that could turn your dream kitchen into a nightmare. Whether it’s from an appliance breaking down and your cabinetry having the proper access for repairs to knowing the proper building materials to use for weather on the East Coast, Mike is always one step ahead of his clients and other contractors in this regard.

He’ll have a conversation with you where he explains what he’s thinking about doing and why.
You’ll walk away thinking,
“Wow, he’s really good! Who would have thought of that?”

Licensed and Insured

Mike Hutchinson is fully insured and holds licenses in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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