Bucks County General Contractor

Fully Insured ยท Licensed in PA and NJ

What types of construction do you handle?

Widely recognized as Bucks County historic restoration specialists, Michael J. Hutchinson Building and Design Company applies the same level of precision to all construction projects, including:

  • Custom Builder of New Homes
  • Additions
  • Historic Restoration
  • Custom Kitchens
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Custom Woodworking
  • Commercial Construction
  • Church Builder
How long will my construction project take to complete?

As each construction project differs in scope and incorporates its own set of variables, we make every effort to move the project along as quickly as possible, providing a schedule for each phase of your project. Please contact us for a free consultation and property review.

How do you approach authentic historic restoration?

Accurately duplicating what was built decades or centuries ago is no simple task.  Bucks County general contractor, Michael J. Hutchinson, is a perfectionist when it comes to recreating the specific details that should exist in your historic restoration project. His acute sense of detail is second to none and evident in every historic restoration project he touches. Learn more about the unparalleled, authentic historic restoration services of Michael J. Hutchinson Building and Design Company.

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