A Builder Like No Other

When selecting a Bucks County general contractor, a solid reputation for quality residential and commercial construction cannot be underestimated. All around Bucks County, the Hutchinson name has been known for building excellence and Mike has continued this trend for a quarter of a century.

Decades of hands-on experience that began at an early age helping his father and grandfather honed Mike’s skills. Whether it’s part of his genetic makeup or just a perpetual fever that Mike caught a long time ago, his knack for creating award-winning projects continues to grace Bucks County residents and businesses year after year.

Michael Hutchinson’s Projects are Recognized throughout Bucks County:

  • Newtown Historic Association’s Annual Christmas Open House TourFeature Builder
  • Pride of Newtown Award for service on the Historic Architectural Review Board
  • Green building practices, using recycled glass countertops and eco-friendly materials
  • Expert historic restoration matching the appropriate time period

This family of Bucks County builders has carved a solid reputation in Princeton, New Jersey, as well as Newtown, New Hope, Doylestown, and neighboring Bucks County vicinities.

A Builder You Can Trust

Michael Hutchinson builder redefines quality construction. You don’t need to look over anyone’s shoulder to know the work is being done right. Mike takes complete control of every job, solving puzzles you would never know even existed. His years in the business give him an x-ray-like wisdom that helps him to understand the big picture of what’s behind those walls, without ripping apart the seams. Add to that his honest and ethical approach to every project, customers can relax with a sense of comfort knowing their project is in the best of hands.

General Contractor Services

From brand new construction to classic architecture and historic preservation, both residential and commercial, Mike Hutchinson offers a breadth of Bucks County general contractor services that include:

When we were looking for a contractor, we kept seeing Hutchinson trucks across the street, so we asked one of the workers for an estimate. As it turned out, it was the township building inspector who couldn’t have spoken more highly of Mike’s work. Mike meticulously transformed our 1948-era flawed kitchen into a modern-day perfect cuisine!

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