Bucks County General Contractor

bucks-historic-restorationRegardless of whether your structure was built decades ago or has stood for centuries, it still deserves to have its original heritage properly restored.

Precision Matters
Bucks County General Contractor Michael Hutchinson is a historic restoration specialist who has devoted his entire career to the investigation, analysis, research, and replication of historic structures in and around Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

From farmhouses to schoolhouses, the family of Hutchinson builders treats each historic restoration project with the same degree of care.

The historic restoration process begins with extensive research, from which Michael determines the specific materials needed to accurately replicate the time period at hand. Michael will go to great lengths to ensure exactitude.  This might involve driving to certain geographic regions to study similar structures.

If analyzing exterior facades doesn’t provide enough detail, Michael will contact the residents and request a walk-through.  In other words, whatever roads must be taken to solve your property’s time-period puzzle, Michael will travel.

Authentic Historic Restoration

The condition of your existing property is not a concern; projects of all sizes and complexities are considered.  When evaluating a historic structure, Michael takes into account the property’s age, location, space, existing condition, and potential before making recommendations.

Depending on your vision and the building’s original purpose, historic construction projects can be classified into one of the following types:

Preservation – Historic preservation occurs when the existing materials are left intact, rather than replaced, improving upon surrounding elements where needed.

Restoration – Historic restoration takes into account the structure’s most significant time period and recreates the elements accordingly.

Rehabilitation – Historic rehabilitation allows the property to function as a contemporary structure, while maintaining its heritage and cultural values.

Reconstruction – Using all new materials, historic reconstruction rebuilds a previously non-usable space from the ground up.

If you are not sure how your historic restoration project should be handled, Michael is available with planning and design.  His many talents include clearly identifying a building’s original purpose, researching the time period, and recommending the appropriate reconstruction solution.

Legendary Craftsmanship
Michael works closely with his son, Mike Jr., to replicate woodwork, accent pieces, trim, molding, and other elements specific to the period.  As a team, Michael and Mike, Jr, create authentic historic restoration components that seamlessly blend with the remaining structure.  A fine attention to detail and serious work ethic result in restoration projects that scream success.

Project Considerations
Your lifestyle and property are always considered.  From day one, Michael and his professional crew members are respectful of your personal space.  Whether it’s parking choices or privacy matters, we realize that construction projects can temporarily disturb your environment.  Every consideration is made to ensure your comfort level is maximized.

For more information about Bucks County historic restoration, Michael Hutchinson, or the Hutchinson family of quality builders, please contact us.