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By adhering to the same high standards the family of Hutchinson builders created, Bucks County general contractor, Michael Hutchinson, carries on the tradition of excellence in building additions on commercial structures and residential properties throughout Newtown, Princeton, Doylestown, and the vicinity.

Although it might seem less complicated, constructing an addition to an existing home or office is actually more difficult than building new construction from the ground up. To expand your resident or commercial building and have the newly constructed area blend in without screaming “addition”, many important factors need to be considered, such as:

  • Matching the floor levels when the existing structure’s floors are uneven
  • Underpinning existing foundations
  • Creating the right size and proportions with the addition as to not overpower the existing structure
  • Selecting the proper size and style of windows, doors, and cornice work that compliments the existing structure
  • Matching the interior trim, doors, and flooring with the existing structure’s architecture to deliver a seamless flow throughout

Additions on Historic Properties

When adding space to a historic property, it is even more critical that you hire a builder who has years of experience restoring and renovating historic buildings. Contractors who primarily build new construction are just not familiar with the nuances of older homes.

A Bucks County historic restoration specialist, such as Michael Hutchinson, will understand the benefits of putting an addition on your historic property‚ÄĒbringing his new construction talents to the project, as well. Michael Hutchinson’s unparalleled craftsmanship will undoubtedly increase the value of your home or office.

There are many reasons why additions on historic properties are needed:

  • Create a better flow
  • Design for how we live today
  • Open up spaces
  • Move storage facilities
  • Add bathrooms
  • Add more glass to connect visually with outside spaces
  • Modern and functioning kitchens blend into old house settings

When creating a “new” old house with well designed additions and renovated spaces, you get the best of both worlds.

Licensed and Insured

Mike Hutchinson is fully insured and holds licenses in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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